In-house experts face a wide array of complex challenges which differs from their counterparts in a firm. These challenges require a specific skillset, attitude, and determination.

MWLEC (pronounced as “molek”) is formed by a group of visionary young women who have, through experience, realised and acknowledged that there exists a wide spectrum of challenges within an in house legal environment. This revelation has urged them to rise-up to the challenge of assisting and empowering women in the same line to advance their careers and achieve greater fulfillment professionally and individually. The SKY is the LIMIT.

 MWLEC’s Vision

  • In house legal careers should be exciting and fulfilling
  • Remaining RELEVANT is the key to a sustainable and progressive career
  • Attitude, Skillset, Qualification – DNA to a successful career
  • A support system is needed to grow and learn together
  • Pro-actively working on today for a better tomorrow

MWLEC’s Mission

  • Provide better insights of the in house legal environment
  • Serves as a platform to advocate views and provide trainings
  • Helping members to increase marketability

Criteria of Membership

a person who holds a degree in law from any tertiary institution and who is not in professional legal practice


 employed (currently or intend to be) in a body corporate (other than law firms) providing legal and compliance services  in Malaysia

MWLEC - MY Women Legal Counsel Association

Keeping you updated on new legal jobs, new activities.Only for Members.

MWLEC’s Programme

  • Trainings/Courses
  • Salary Guides
  • Blogs/Updates
  •  Mentorship