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MWLEC aims to support and provide useful insights to female in-house counsels in Malaysia, in order to help them advance in their chosen careers and increase their marketability.

This dynamic platform provides its members with the latest legal updates, news, as well as valuable training programs in order to stay relevant in this competitive field.

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As a member, you get direct access to meet other like minded career driven women like you. Together with your passion, we can help you make a difference in your personal and legal career.

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Our members get invites to some special “invite only” events. We partner up with other ecosystem players to help you network better

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We have a usual Whatsapp group where we get to connect with each other and keep updated on the latest in thing for in house counsels

exclusive Passes

Once you are a member, you get regular deals and passes to attend special events that we get from our affiliate partners and other special deals from time to time.


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Join as a member and start building your most wanted legal career today. We make sure every member is treated equally, and that we aspire that all members reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s legal industry.

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